Roof Repair


Never ignore what you might is a slight problem, such as a cracked tile or a trickle of water coming from a very small hole.  Unattended, this seeming small problem just might be hiding a major damage, or lead to one.

It’s like that sudden pain we feel in our stomach, our chest, or our head.  It only takes a few seconds, and as much as we tend to dismiss it, we know a check to the doctor might prevent the onset of a major medical condition.

Scottsdale Roofing Pros have teams of professional contractors that can immediately spot those symptoms, assess the condition of your roof, pinpoint any major damage that has to be addressed, and/or make recommendations that will make your roof stronger in the years to come.  Our roof repair services are intended to help you reinforce the structural integrity of your home.


These are some of the roof conditions we repair:

  • Water leaks –  A water leak is usually the first giveaway that your roof needs repair.  Other signs accompanying it are the lessening of granules, water stains that darken the affected areas in your ceiling and can even run across your walls.  We trace the origin and reason of the leak and do the necessary repairs.  Immediate repair can prevent further damage such as increased mold, framing gone rot, and destroyed insulation.

Our repairs will also buttress your roof and make it more resistant to the intrusion of snow during winter and heavy rain water during storms.  Again, this  is a preventive measure against future leaks.

  • Roof flashing – Related to water leaks, roof flashing means coating strong material such as aluminum or galvanized steel over the weak points in your home such as roof joints or flimsy walls.  Flashing is usually done around the chimney, pipes, windows, and skylights.  Often times, it an also be installed your roof valleys.

Flashing has to be repaired or replaced if weather and pollution have caused deterioration.  You need to have it checked from time to time to see if the material has loosened.

Repairing Damaged Roof Tiles

Roof Repair Maintenance :

  • Roof ventilation – A positive airflow that allows the cold to rise through the vents of your attic and escape through the ridge vent is needed for the proper ventilation of your home.  Unfortunately, sometimes this is blocked by the growth of molds or the accumulation of ice during the cold months.  One symptom that can betray this development is the appearance of black patches on your attic roof.  We remove the mold and ice and make sure that free flow of air happens to restore proper ventilation to your home.
  • Roof cleaning – We remove new and lingering dirt and other debris on your roof by using low-pressure, heated water with chemicals that make the cleaning process thorough and faster.  The material of your roof remains preserved while the cleanliness is long-lasting.
  • Chimney caps – The chimney is a vital part of your roof that allows heat to come in and out of your home.  Untended, though, it can also be an open door that invites harmful elements that can pose a danger to your family’s health, such as moisture, pests, and ice.  We build and/or repair the right chimney cap for your house, ensuring that your home and your loved ones remain protected.