Our History, Mission and Vision

We are passionate about what we do – and our vision to ensure a community of houses with stable, secure roofing is what brought and is keeping us together.

Scottsdale Roofing Pros provides a comprehensive range of roofing solutions to homeowners who wanted to repair, maintain, or upgrade their roofs and their related facilities. From the beginning, we distinguished ourselves to be more than just another repair-and-restoration roofing provider. We would not just come in, “do the job,” and leave. Instead, we envisioned an ongoing partnership with our clients, seeing to it that our solutions help in ensuring the longevity and safety of their homes, as we determined the various ways by which their roofs could contribute to that status.

Roof-related situations remain a challenge to most homeowners. As such, we did not just provide services, but likewise provided knowledge and guidance. We made them understand the deficiencies and the ways to address it. We guided them on how they can maintain their roofing protection long after our services had finished. We became their partner, not just their service provider.

This approach resonated with our customers. Soon, demand for our consultation services grew. Our lean-and-mean staff soon grew into a thriving company who offered solutions at all hours. We found ourselves branching beyond our immediate city to establish a consulting presence throughout Arizona.

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